Treats for your home.  Made in mine.

Nix It Up

Cookies by the Dozen

We offer a great selection of cookies to choose from.  You can also inquire about Seasonal or Special Request flavours, as the Nix It Up Test Kitchen is always working on new creations.  You can order cookies by the dozen for yourself or as a gift.  Sharing is Caring!

Parties & Events

Party trays are also available for birthday parties, office meetings, or any other gathering.  Customized Nix Mixes can also be created for various events such as Client Appreciation gifts, Loot Bags, and Give-Aways.

Catering & Fund-Raising

Discounts are available for larger catering orders.  Nix It Up also offers fund-raising opportunities for schools, day-care centers, and other groups and associations.  Please email for details.

a little about..

Nix It Up

Nix It Up’s Vision

Our vision is simple: A great home-made product available to everybody. Back-to-basics baking, without the giant ribbons and expensive packaging that disguises a sub-par product. We believe our delicious goodies should be the star of the show! Nix It Up prides itself on using local resources where possible and is committed to always delivering a high-quality product. At Nix It Up, we like to keep it simple and let the cookies speak for themselves. So have a taste, you won’t be disappointed!